Salary Guidelines

Certificated employees are compensated for additional coursework beyond their bachelor’s degree. When requirements are met and verified, an adjustment is made to the employee’s salary. It is the employee’s responsibility to ensure the Office of Certification receives all documentation.

If employees discover issues with their growth chart and/or wish to initiate a salary lane advancement, please complete the Growth Chart Reconciliation and Salary Lane Advancement Form. Submitted forms are reviewed monthly and employees should expect a response the month following the submission. 

Directions for Submitting Documentation

It is the employee's responsibility to ensure the Office of Certification received all documentation.  The effective date of the advancement will be the beginning of the first full pay period after receipt of all documentation.  If applicable, retroactive pay may be expected within two pay periods after receipt of the personnel action confirmation.  Please see the "Course Salary Lane Advancement" guide for information on course requirements.

  • Official transcripts may be printed and mailed from the college/university Registrar’s Office. It is recommended you have the college/university send you two transcripts: one for your record to check accuracy and the other sent to: Office of Certification, 6901 Charles Street, Towson, Maryland, 21204, Building E.
  • Electronic transcripts must be issued by an authorized transcript exchange system. Transcripts must be sent directly from the college or university to [email protected].
  • MSDE CPD credit slips must be signed by both the Instructor and Professional Development Liaison. Credit slips requiring the Liaison’s signature must be sent to: Office of Organizational Development, Attn: Professional Development Liaison prior to being submitted to the Office of Certification.
  • Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and clock hours completed by related service providers are converted to equivalent semester hour credits.  See "Guidelines for Applying Continuing Education Units and Clock Hours".
  • Documents may be mailed via interoffice mail to: Office of Certification, Department of Human Resources.