Leaves of Absence

The Office of Leaves, & Retirement is responsible for administering the following types of leaves of absence and conversions:

A. Human Resources (HR) Approved Leaves of Absence and Conversions (90 days or less in length)

B. Board of Education (Board) Approved Leaves (More than 90 days in length)

Eligibility for these leaves of absence and conversions may vary according to the laws, regulations, and the specific bargaining unit agreements. 

Leaves of Absence and Conversions Process
1. Complete the Application for Leaves of Absence and Conversions
2. Review the applicable Leave Requirements and Information Sheet, which are   
    located on the relevant Leaves of Absence and Conversions page.
3. Collect the required documentation indicated on the Leave Requirements
    and Information Sheet

4. Submit the Application for Leaves and Conversions form along with the required
to the contact information at the bottom of the Application for  
    Leaves of Absence and Conversions.

Note: FFCRA Leave, due to COVID-19 reasons, expired on 6/30/2021. This leave is no longer an option for BCPS employees.