School-Sponsored Activities

In accordance with Board of Education policy and Superintendent’s Rule 3160, Review and Approval of School-Sponsored Activities, the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management is responsible for maintaining a list of high-risk activities that are prohibited and therefore not approved as part of school-sponsored activities.

Click here to review prohibited activities. The list may not be all inclusive due to the availability of new activities or activities not previously reviewed.

Request for Review

Process and Procedures

Activities that are not on the prohibited list need to be approved by the school’s Community Superintendent and OEARM.

Below are the steps in the review process:

Step 1: School administrators can request a review of potential high-risk, school-sponsored activities by submitting a Risk Management Review Form to the Community Superintendent no later than ninety (90) business days prior to the activity.

Step 2: The Community Superintendent will approve or deny the activity. If approved, the Community Superintendent will submit the signed Request for Risk Management Review Form to the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management at least thirty (30) days prior to the activity.

Step 3: OEARM will approve or deny the activity and forward the form to the principal and the approving Community Superintendent.