Donna Sanford
HR Specialist, Absence Management
[email protected]

Leaves of Absence

We understand that at some point in time almost all BCPS team members will have a need to care for themselves or others due to illness. BCPS has many options for employees who need time off work to undergo medical treatment, heal, care for family members, or address their personal needs. While most employees will be eligible for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), there are other leave options that may be available to employees who are not eligible for FMLA. The Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management is responsible for administering the following types of leaves of absence and conversions:

■ Human Resources (HR) Approved Leaves of Absence (leaves for 90 days or less in length)

■ Sick Bank Leave under the Unified Sick Leave Bank (USLB)

■ Board of Education (Board) Approved Leaves (leave for more than 90 days in length)

BCPS team members are strongly encouraged to apply for an approved leave of absence to avoid absence management programs (IDM and EAMP); avoid entering an unapproved, unpaid status; and avoid disciplinary action for being in an unapproved leave status. We also encourage being in an approved leave of absence to offer you peace of mind as you and your family navigate what may be a challenging time in your life.