Board Approved Leaves

Board Approved Leaves

(more than 90 days)

If you are inquiring about leave for longer than three months, then you will need to apply for a Board Approved Leave. BCPS team members apply for Board Approved Leaves through the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management, but the Board of Education is responsible for approving the requested leave of absence. Board Approved Leaves may be available for the following circumstances: academic/educational leave; child rearing leave; military leave; sabbatical leave; personal illness leave; personal; or unusual or imperative leave. Below are the steps to apply for Board Approved leave.


Step 1: Read the information about the type of leave you are seeking.  

Step 2: If applicable, complete the medical certification for non-FMLA leave and gather any additional supporting documentation required for the specific leave you are seeking.


Step 3: Submit the completed and signed leaves application and await a decision. Click here to submit your application online - Online Leaves Application Submission.