Employment Dispute Resolution

Bernadette Hunton
 Sharon Petty, Administrative Secretary  
 6901 North Charles Street
 Towson, MD 21204
 Phone:  443-809-8936
 Fax:  410-296-2376

The Office of Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) assists both the employees and managers in finding solutions to disputes that arise in the workplace. The Office of EDR plays an integral role from the onboarding process through the exiting process. The office also facilitates the termination process and ensures that the due process rights of all employees are protected.

EDR provides the following services:

  • Investigates allegations of misconduct, abuse and neglect, discrimination, sexual harassment, and employee bullying.
  • Oversees the disciplinary, termination, and internal dispute resolution processes.
  • Provides general information and interpretations of applicable policies, rules, processes, and procedures.
  • Provides training and workshops through online, onsite, and/or external resources tailored specifically to address behavioral challenges and support the employees to become successful in their careers.
  • Please refer to the Office of Investigations and Records Management and the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity for more information.
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