Workforce Development

Dr. Liz Berquist,  Director
Jordan Birnbaum, Manager
Michele Leahy, Program Assistant
Shalini Morgan, National Board Facilitator
Dr. Val Brown, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Facilitator
Abbey Stock, Educators Rising Facilitator 
Vacant, Inclusive Workforce Development Facilitator

The Office of Workforce Development is focused on the ongoing preparation and maintenance of a skilled, talented, and motivated workforce through a coordinated investment in individual skill development and capacity building across multiple career pathways. We are committed to providing staff with a variety of professional development and training opportunities that meet their job-specific needs and provide opportunities for growth and promotion.  

Online, hybrid and face to face training and development opportunities include programs for individuals seeking to build personal capacity or working toward promotion, induction sessions for newly hired or newly promoted team members, and training opportunities in a multitude of contents such as technical assistance, technology integration, emotional intelligence, compliance, safety, management development, and leadership development.  We also offer mentoring and coaching aligned to the BCPS standards of excellence: relationships, customer service, communication, innovative problem solving and mutual accountability.  

We also manage programs that support a variety of career pathways including:

  • National Board Certification for Teachers
  • ASPIRE for Supporting Staff Members 
  • Central Staff Induction Program for Supervisors 
  • Higher Education Opportunities for Supporting Staff 
  • Professional Learning Communities for Supporting Staff 
  • Outstanding Young Women Leaders Program for Students 
  • Educators Rising for Students
  • Maryland Leads/Grow Your Own Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Workforce Development Programs 

In addition to these programs, we also support responsive professional learning for supporting staff members.  These offerings are based on specific needs that emerge in offices, departments and divisions are provided in timely, authentic, job-embedded situations. Interested office, department or division heads collaborate with us to design, and often to co-deliver, these experiences. Examples of past sessions have included: Building Trusting Teams, Managing Conflict, Happiness in the Workplace, Understanding Working Preferences, Proactive Strategies for Supporting Students, Supporting Adult Executive Functioning.   

We also support the design and delivery of Division, Department or Office targeted professional development through monthly meetings, whole group retreats or conferences such as:  Leadership Advance, Transportation Advance and the Administrative Professionals Conference. To request additional information on scheduling any of these options for your team, please complete this form