Employee Wellness

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What is the BCPS Employee Wellness Program?
As part of the BCPS culture to provide high-quality, engaging, and responsive instruction every day, in every classroom for our students, we also need to create a healthy climate for our employees. This is employee wellness.  Wellness is personal. It’s an individual journey toward balance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Who co-ordinates the Employee Wellness Program and the programs that it offers?
The Employee Wellness Program is in the Office of Benefits, Leaves, and Retirements. The Employee Wellness Program is coordinated by Jean Benhoff, HR Wellness Analyst, empwellness@bcps.org

What are some of the programs and activities offered by Employee Wellness Program?

  • Co-ordination of volunteer Wellness Champions in each school or worksite. This person helps to coordinate employee wellness activities at your location. 
  • Annual Health Assessments
  • On-site Fitness Classes
  • Fitness/Gym Discount Programs
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness e-newsletters
  • Assist individuals and sites in meeting their diverse wellness needs
Employee Wellness FAQs: Employee Wellness General FAQ 2021.pdf