Activity Programs- Updated


Local Fitness and Wellness clubs offer BCPS employees a reduced membership fee to their facilities. At this time, Spring 2021, many clubs are closed or operating on limited hours. This program will be reviewed later this spring/early summer, 2021. The lists are still on here as a reference only. We can not assure that any discounts will be offered or the location is open. 

2021 Cigna insured staff can take advantage of 2021 Cigna Healthy Rewards Program.
2021 Kaiser insured staff can take advantage of 2021 Kaiser Choose Healthy Program.

       acac Fitness Center (April/May 2021)
       Teachers and all Staff.
       Your mission to educate and serve deserves recognition and appreciation. Please accept this
        complimentary 7 Day Family Pass to acac Fitness & Wellness Center in Timonium. You are                           welcome to share this with your family members, your colleagues and network.                                         


     Stay in good health by connecting to acac from the comfort of your home with a lineup of
     live streaming classes from acac’s favorite group exercise instructors and trainers!
     FREE to all current BCPS Employees To register, please contact
     Maria Yanson at, or 410-453-9111
     Please share this awesome Free Trial with your BCPS associates!

For more information please email