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Please join your co-workers in committing to “Eat Well, Work Well.” A large part of creating a culture of health and well-being in the workplace, is encouraging healthy food and beverage choices. This includes simply choosing water over sweetened drinks, and choosing to pack a lunch instead of eating out (or ordering in).

Each month there will be a specific "healthier eating" challenge. Challenges will focus on a variety of food and beverage topics.  While an individual can complete the challenges on his/her own, we do encourage co-workers to participate together.  Having partners for accountability is more fun, and will lead to higher success.

Eat Well, Work Well Program Overview

    October Challenge: New School Year, New Lunch
              Support, Reinvent the Brown Bag Lunch
              Support, What's for Lunch?
              Support, How to Pack Your Lunch for Optimum Weight Loss

    November Challenge: Whole Grains
              Support, Whole Grains, A Whole Lot of Good
              Support, USDA, My Plate, Whole Grains

    December Challenge: Portion Control
              Support, Portion Size Guide
              Support, My Plate Planner

    January Challenge: Fats 1st part
    January Challenge: Fats 2nd part
              January Support, Facts on Fats
              January Support, Ways to Get Good Fats

    February Challenge: Sugar
              Support, Sugar 101
              Support, Not So Sweet Truth About Sugar

    March Challenge: Fruits and Vegetables
              March Support, Fruits
              March Support, Vegetables
              March Support, Fruits & Vegetables In Season

    April Challenge: Drinking Water
              April Support, Water Basics
              April Support, Dehydration

    May Challenge: Meatless Meals
             May Support, Benefits of Eating Less Meat
             May Support, What's the Deal With Meatless Meals
             May Support, Protein Packed Foods for Meatless Meals


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BCPS Testimonies:

“I feel like I’m picking fresh vegetables from my garden all winter long,” Sharon Ward, Jefferson.

“I was so excited to be able to host a Thanksgiving dinner using only Hungry Harvest produce! I dressed my turkey with onions, garlic and carrots and made two veggie side dishes sautéed Brussels sprouts and roasted broccoli and zucchini. Knowing that a family in need was also sharing the same meal thanks to Hungry Harvest made Thanksgiving extra special this year for my family.” Karen Heinrich, Jefferson.