Other Offerings


According to the CDC the top three causes of preventable death are heart disease, cancer, and chronic respiratory disease.  Smoking has been shown to be a contributing factor to all.  Quitting smoking will significantly reduce your risk of death of preventable diseases.
Resources are available through both of our insurers, Cigna and Kaiser Permanente, for employees who participate in our benefits programs.  

Any Maryland resident can take advantage of the MD Smoking Stops Here Program, by visiting their website, or by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW.


BCPS Employee Wellness is pleased to offer financial wellness educational seminars, through Prudential Pathways.  Prudential Pathways offers practical, down-to earth information that may help you and your family today, tomorrow and beyond.  It is designed to give an understanding of the fundamentals of financial wellness through educational seminars.

If a site/school has a minimum of 20 people interested in attending a one-hour education on a specific topic, Employee Wellness can provide a Prudential speaker.  There is no cost to the individual or site.

What is Financial Wellness?
Financial Wellness One Hour Education Topics

To request an onsite seminar, please email empwellness@bcps.org with a specific date and time, as well as the preferred topic.  Again, a minimum of 20 must be committed to attending.  Spouses are welcome to attend.


CPR Certification Classes are offered by BCPS Health Services.  Classes are offered at the worksite, and requires is a minimum of 8 people.  Cost is $30/person.  

For more information, contact Karen Heinrich in the Office of Health Services.