Wellness Programs Offered by Cigna

Life can be busy and complicated.

As part of your health plan, you get access to a variety of programs and services to help make your life easier - and healthier. 
For a complete list of Cigna wellness resources: Cigna -BCPS Health and Wellness.pdf

List of Resources for BCPS Subscribers: Cigna Summary of Resources 2021.pdf

Behavioral Programs: How we can help. 
Challenges to mental well-being come in many forms, and so do the ways we can work through them. Whether you need help reducing stress, are felling motivated to make a change in your life, or need to talk to someone, Cigna offers a variety of behavioral support tools and services to help ensure you get the support that works best for you. 

Lifestyle Management Programs
Emotional Health & Well-Being
Virtual Counseling
Coaching & Support
Substance Use
Mental Health

Q3 2021 Behavioral Programs:
Children and Families:
Eating Disorders: Eating-Disorders-q3-schedule.pdf
Substance Abuse Disorders: Substance-Use-Disorder-q3-schedule.pdf

August seminars Sign up here:
 EAP Wellness Webcasts - 1162957

We all feel anxious at times. We all worry and feel stressed at times. But what does it mean to live with true anxiety? Join us to learn how anxiety is triggered in the brain and about the factors that can push one from everyday worry into anxiety. We’ll talk about how this common condition can be treated and share a range of strategies that can help calm worrisome thoughts and the stressful feelings that go with them.
Wednesday, August 4, 2021 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT
Change and Challenges: Developing Your Resilience EAP Webcast Client Poster 08-18-21.pdf
Most of us struggle when life throws curveballs. Building up your resilience “muscles” can help you deal more effectively with challenges, uncertainty, and change. Join us to learn what resilience is and how to identify it in yourself. We’ll explore strategies that can help you to adapt and stay productive during stressful times. Discover how to grow more resilient and not just survive, but thrive, in today’s complicated world.
Wednesday, August 18, 2021 2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / 11 am PT

Your Resource Guide: Cigna CTBH Programs Digital Resource Guide with EAP.PDF

Diabetes Prevention Program
Conditions like hypertension, prediabetes, and high cholesterol impact nearly half of all American adults. By partnering with Omada, BCPS offers at-risk individuals the help they need to proactively manager their health and work towards positive outcomes.
To learn more: 
Cigna BCPS Flyer_Omada.pdf

Additional Resources for BCPS-Cigna members:

Health Information Line: Cigna Health Information Line Customer Flyer.pdf

Omada Program: Cigna BCPS Flyer_Omada.pdf

Vision Network Savings: Cigna Healthy Rewards Vision Network Savings Customer Flyer.pdf

Lasik Vision Correction: Cigna Healthy Rewards Lasik Vision Correction Flyer.pdf

Behavioral Programs: Life Happens and We Can Help
Cigna CTBH Programs Digital Resource Guide with EAP.PDF

EAP Overview for Baltimore County:  Cigna - EAP overview flyer Baltimore.pdf

Resources for Veterans: Cigna Veteran Support Line and Mindfulness Program.pdf

Life Connected Podcast Series:

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Cigna LifeCon Podcast Client Flyer - Social.pdf

Cigna LifeCon Podcast Client Flyer - Financial.pdf

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