In general, full-time and part-time employees may choose to enroll in any combination of the benefits listed below. BCPS contributes a large portion toward the purchase of health and welfare benefits. This allows you the flexibility to choose the benefit plans that best meet your needs.

The Flexible Benefits Program for BCPS is a cafeteria plan as defined by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.  A cafeteria plan allows you to pay for certain employee benefits with pre-tax deductions from your paycheck. You pay for most benefits on a pre-tax basis, which lowers the taxes taken out of each paycheck.

2023 Employee Benefits Guide

2022 Employee Benefits Guide.

  • Medical - link to guide page highlights for each of these
  • Dental
  • Vision (Must be .5 FTE to be eligible)
  • Cancer & Intensive Care Insurance (not offered to new hires after 7/1/2007)
  • Optional Term Life Insurance – up to 10x salary, first $35,000 is before tax.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • 403(b)/457(b) Plans


  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Long-term Disability Insurance (Must be .5 FTE to be eligible)
  • Optional Term Life Insurance – up to 10x salary, amount over $35,000 is after tax. Maximum is  $1 million.
  • Whole Life Insurance with Long-term Care
  • Critical Illness Insurance



You are eligible to participate in the BCPS Flexible Benefits Program if you are a:
  • Regular full-time employee
  • Part-time employee (some benefits require part-time employees to be working .5 FTE or more to be eligible)


Eligible family members include your:
  • Legal spouse
  • Dependent children, which include:   
    • Biological children
    • Stepchildren
    • Legally adopted children
    • A child for whom you have legal guardianship, including grandchildren
    • Children who are the subjects of a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) that creates the right of the child to receive health insurance benefits under an employee or retiree’s coverage.