Employee Wellness

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What is the BCPS Employee Wellness Program?
As part of the BCPS culture to provide high-quality, engaging, and responsive instruction every day, in every classroom for our students, we also need to create a healthy climate for our employees. This is employee wellness.  Wellness is personal. It’s an individual journey toward balance, and a healthy lifestyle.

Who co-ordinates the Employee Wellness Program and the programs that it offers?
The Employee Wellness Program is in the Office of Benefits and Retirement. Janice Zimmerman, BCPS EAP Counselor is the temporary contact for the Employee Wellness Program.  You can email questions, suggestions, etc. to: [email protected]

What are some of the programs and activities offered by Employee Wellness Program?

  • Co-ordination of volunteer Wellness Champions in each school or worksite. This person helps to coordinate employee wellness activities at your location. 
  • Wellness Wednesdays continue in May, with Virtual Yoga Sessions with Brick Bodies and and two Mindfulness Sessions.  To participate, go to the News Hub: www.bcps.org > Staff > News Hub.  Search for Wellness Wednesdays and click on the Microsoft TEAMS link for any session.  No registration is required, the sessions are no cost and all employees are welcome.  If you want the flyer with the link, just email [email protected]
  • Annual Health Assessments
  • On-site Fitness Classes (currently offering virtual yoga)
  • Fitness/Gym Discount Programs
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Wellness e-newsletters
  • Assist individuals and sites in meeting their diverse wellness needs
The Employee Wellness Program is a program for all employees.  Our insurance carriers, Cigna and Kaiser Permanente also offer some specific wellness supports and services for their members.