Wellness Programs Offered by Kaiser

KAISER: List of Resources for BCPS Subscribers: KP Healthy Resource Guide 2021.pdf

-insured staff can take advantage of the 
Kaiser Choose Healthy Program

Kaiser Mental Health Programs: KP Member Emotional Wellbeing Resources and links.pdf

Mindful Programs: 
Kaiser Mindfulness Flyer.pdf
KP Calm and myStrength flyer.pdf

KP Thrive Local Connections Overview Flyer.pdf

Weight Management: Healthy Habits for a healthy weight! Forget juicing, fasting, and fad diets. Just focus on being healthy and fit. When you eat right and exercise regularly, maintaining a healthy weight can happen naturally. Visit KP Weight Management
Diabetes Prevention: Omada One Pager Kaiser.pdf

Nicotine Addiction: 
What Teens & Parents need to know-E-cigarettes-and-Vaping.1.2019.pdf

Grief Management:
Kaiser Grief & Loss.pdf
Kaiser Witnessing a Traumatic Event 837890b.pdf
Kaiser Managing Distress After Violent Attacks 921054 (2021) EAP.PDF
Kaiser Dealing With the Impact of Violence and Violent Death - 857449b.pdf

Workforce Health: 
Mind, Body, Well-Being:
 Kaiser Sept Workforce health Newsletter 2021.pdf 

Financial Wellness:
Kaiser Financial Well-being.pdf