One of the Key Initiatives of the Superintendent's
Compass: Our Pathway to Excellence is Employee Absence. 

Attendance is considered an essential function of all positions at BCPS. Average teacher absence rates have been increasing, a key initiative to reduce teacher absences is to provide a more streamlined approach to the current EAMP and increase the use of the EAMP by school-based administrators in collaboration with OEARM. This will stress the importance of teacher attendance and support a solid tracking system for teacher absences. 

Process and Procedures

There are Five Phases to the EAMP process:

PHASE 1 - Information Gathering
PHASE 2 - Conference Summary
PHASE 3 - Medical Documentation Required
PHASE 4 - OEARM Review
PHASE 5 - Follow Up 

For additional information, contact
Toria Williams 
EAMP Representative
(443) 809-9949