Sick Bank Leave

Sick Bank Leaves

BCPS employees who contribute to a sick leave bank and have exhausted their personal illness leave, may be eligible for paid sick bank leave. Employees may run sick bank leave concurrent to FMLA leave, which is unpaid. There are two sick bank options:


TABCO Sick Bank: TABCO and ESPBC members should contact their union representatives at (410) 828-6403 to confirm their eligibility and to obtain sick leave bank forms. 


USLB Sick Bank: Employees represented by AFSCME, OPE and CASE should contact OEARM to apply for sick leave bank through the Unified Sick Leave Bank (USLB). Consistent with the master agreement, sick leave from the USLB may not be granted when an employee has an active workers’ compensation claim. To apply for USLB sick bank leave:


Step 1: Complete the USLB application.


Step 2: Submit the completed and signed leaves application that was provided to you and await a decision regarding your request for leave. Click here to submit your application online - Online Leaves Application Submission.