Submitting Leaves Applications

Submitting Leaves Applications

Applications for HR Approved Leaves, USLB sick bank, and Board Approved Leaves may be submitted digitally. It is important that you submit your leaves application digitally because it allows for proper tracking of applications, confirmation of application receipt, and quicker application processing. Please click here to submit your application online - Online Leaves Application Submission. To avoid delay in the processing of your leave application, follow these tips for submitting leaves applications.


  1. Only submit a complete application. Providing piecemeal information makes it difficult for the Leaves Team to track your application and it will only serve to delay processing of your application.


  2. Make sure your application is complete, clear, and signed by your healthcare provider.


  3. The start and end dates of your requested leave must be clearly identified.


  4. For intermittent leave, you must provide a guestimate of the anticipated frequency and duration of intermittent leave. Leave cannot be granted on an open-ended basis.


  5. Do not submit FMLA applications more than 30 days prior to your anticipated leave. A lot can happen in a matter of weeks and days. 30 days allows for sufficient time to receive and process a request for leave.


  6. Do not submit the same application by multiple channels. The preferred application submission method is digital. Making multiple submissions of the same application will delay processing and creates confusion as to whether your needs have been addressed.


  7. The digital application process will provide you with confirmation that your application was received. Please do not send additional emails seeking confirmation.


  8. Even though you may be relying upon your healthcare provider to submit medical documentation and leaves applications to the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management, you remain responsible for submitting your leaves application. We encourage you to obtain a copy of the documents or application materials from your healthcare provider and submit them yourself.


  9. Keep in mind that submitting a leaves application does not mean that your leave of absence has been approved. You remain responsible for following your worksite’s procedures for calling of work. Your supervisor will be copied on any leaves decision.