Student Accident

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Board Policy 3151: Student Accident Insurance Program requires all student accidents/medical emergencies be reported when any of the following occur:

  • The student is sent home, to the hospital, or to a physician from school following the emergency.
  • The student seeks medical evaluation or treatment as a result of the emergency.
  • The student misses more than a half day of school as a result of the emergency.

When an accident or medical emergency occurs during the school day, the student should be sent to the school nurse for care and the school nurse will report the incident.

When an accident or medical emergency occurs outside the school day (e.g., during athletic events, field trips, or other after-school program) and meets the criteria above, the staff member in charge of the event must report the event using the Student Accident Report Form. The completed form must be sent to the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management within 24 hours.

When 911 is called for a student due to an injury or medical emergency, notify the Offices of Health Services, Office of Employee Absence & Risk Management and the appropriate Area Assistant Superintendent.