Visitor Accident

Visitor Accident Reporting

Accidents involving visitors must be reported in an accurate and timely manner.

Report all accidents/medical emergencies to the site-based administrator or designee. Complete the Incident Report for Bodily Injury and mail or FAX to the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management (OEARM) within 24 hours of the incident.
Provide the OEARM number to visitors for any follow-up. After school/work hours and in the absence of a site-based administrator, the Office of Security should be notified. The Office of Security will notify the appropriate site-based administrator.


Call - (443) 809-4133
Email - [email protected]
Fax - (410) 337-0160

Department of School Safety 
Call - (443) 809-4360
Fax - (443) 809-5022