Workers' Compensation

Stephanie Stewart
Workers' Compensation Specialist

Monica Altamura
Workers' Compensation Representative

Workers’ Compensation insurance is mandated by State law. Its purpose is to cover the cost of medical expenses if an employee is injured on the job. It may also provide compensation when an employee loses time from work for a compensable injury.

Through the Office of Employee Absence and Risk Management (OEARM) the Workers’ Compensation Program is a collaborative effort that involves:

  • The injured employee
  • The worksite liaison and supervisor
  • The employee's worksite payroll preparer
  • Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO), the Baltimore County Public School’s third party administrator (TPA)
  • OEARM Workers' Compensation Specialist
  • OEARM Workers' Compensation Representative

Process and Procedures

Medical treatment is the first priority. However, if the employee elects not to seek medical attention for an injury at the time the report is made, please note it on the form.

If the employee elects to seek medical examination and/or treatment with the Board approved provider, Concentra Medical Center, give them a list of approved Concentra Medical centers. The employee will need to present their BCPS employee badge for treatment. If the employee does not have a BCPS badge, please fill out the Authorization for Medical Treatment form

  • Maintain CONFIDENTIALITY of information at all times.
  • A SISCO adjuster may be contacting the site for additional information. If there any concerns related to the contact, please contact OEARM at 443-809-4133.

Click below to view instructions for filing an initial work-related injury claim.