Carla Simons, Supervisor
Last Names A-K: 443-809-4147
Last Names L-Z: 443-809-5768
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The Office of Certification is a part of the Department of Human Resources and is responsible for ensuring that certificated staff achieve and maintain professional certification including evaluating educator credentials, issuing initial certificates, renewing certificates, and adding area endorsements.  Certification staff serve as liaisons to the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) for certificated BCPS staff.  Our office also serves as your professional growth advisors and works collaboratively with the Office of Organizational Development to offer various professional development opportunities for BCPS staff.

The Office of Certification’s site provides you with:

  • Information regarding the certification renewal process
  • Frequently asked questions regarding certification
  • State of Maryland Testing Requirements
  • Opportunities for obtaining National Board Certification
  • Procedures and requirements for receiving tuition reimbursement
  • Information for changing salary levels-master’s equivalent, master’s + 30, + 60
  • Instruction on how to view and print your certificate via the MSDE Educator Portal.