Professional Development

There are several online professional development and continuing education websites that partner with regionally accredited colleges and universities to offer coursework for educators.  Coursework must be relevant to K-12 education and related to your current assignment or anticipated educational assignment.  Coursework must first satisfy certification requirements then can also be taken for further educational enrichment.

The BCPS Office of Teacher Development organizes workshops, events, courses and programs for professional growth and to earn credits needed for recertification, salary advancement, or additional endorsements.

You are encouraged to contact the Office of Certification if you are unsure if a course is acceptable. Please provide a course description when inquiring about coursework.  If you opt to take an online professional development course, you must order the course as graduate, semester-hour credits and ensure you will receive an official transcript with a grade of “C” or better.  Clock hours and continuing education hours are not acceptable.